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Laundry Day - E

Jessixa Bagley

Two bored badgers have run out of things to do until their mom suggests they help with the laundry




North, South, East, West - E

Margaret Wise Brown

Follows the journey of a little bird who flies to the north, south, east, and west to decide which direction she likes best.





City of Saints & Thieves - YA

Natalie Anderson

Sixteen-year-old Tina and two friends leave Kenya and slip into the Congo, from where she and her mother fled years before, seeking revenge for her mother's murder but uncovering startling secrets.





Winner Takes All - JF

Suzy Becker

Armed with her smarts, an artillery of doodles, and maybe even some advice from Eleanor Roosevelt, Kate must find a way to keep her friends, old and new



The Castle in the Mist - JF

Amy Ephron

Sent for the summer to their aunt's sleepy village in the English countryside,Tess and Max find the key to a castle hidden from time and learn that wishes can come true, if they wish carefully.





Rebels - JF

David Liss

When Zeke returns to space to go on a secret mission for the director of the Confederation of United Planets, chaos ensues.


The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet - E

Carmen Deedy

The mayor of the noisy city of La Paz institutes new laws forbidding all singing, but a brave little rooster decides he must sing, despite the progressively severe punishments he receives for continuing to crow. The silenced populace, invigorated by the rooster's bravery, ousts the tyrannical mayor and returns their city to its free and clamorous state.


I Will Love You Anyway - E

Mick Inkpen

Dog is very badly behaved--he destroys everything, chases cars, rolls in poo, and won't stop running away! But when he finds himself lost and alone there is one person he knows he can always count on.




Dragon Captives - JF

Lisa McMann

Magical twins Fifer and Thisbe Stowe have spent their entire lives wishing for an adventure. When a dragon shows up claiming that his family is being kept as slaves in their homeland, the twins sneak off to the land of the dragons to help them.




Ella & Penguin: Stick Together - E

Megan Maynor

Ella and Penguin want to see her new stickers glow in the dark, but neither of them wants to go into a dark place.





Empress of a Thousand Skies - YA

Rhoda Belleza

Rhee, also known as Crown Princess Rhiannon Ta’an, is the sole surviving heir to a powerful dynasty. She’ll stop at nothing to avenge her family and claim her throne. Aly has risen above his war refugee origins to find fame as the dashing star of a DroneVision show. But when he’s falsely accused of killing Rhee, he's forced to prove his innocence to save his reputation – and his life. With planets on the brink of war, Rhee and Aly are thrown together to confront a ruthless evil that threatens the fate of the entire galaxy.


Newsprints - JF (Graphic Novel)

Ru Xu

Blue is an orphan who disguises herself as a newsboy. There's a war going on, and girls are expected to help the struggling economy by selling cookies. But Blue loves living and working at the Bugle, the only paper in town that tells the truth. And what's printed in the newspapers now matters more than ever. But Blue struggles with her secret, and worries that if her friends and adopted family at the Bugle find out that she's a girl, she'll lose everything and everyone she cares about. And when she meets and befriends Crow, a boy who is also not what he seems, together they seek the freedom to be their true selves, and to save each other.


Caterpillar Dreams - E

Clive McFarland

Follows the adventures of Henri the Caterpillar, who leaves the safety of his garden to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.





The Last of August - YA

Brittany Cavallaro

While on winter break, Charlotte and Jamie find themselves caught up in another mystery when Charlotte's uncle goes missing and they begin an investigation into a German art forgery ring.



Agent of Chaos- YA

Kami Carcia

In the spring of 1979, seventeen-year-old Fox Mulder is the new senior in high school -- his father's way of trying to help the family move on after the disappearance of Mulder's little sister. But when a local boy turns up dead and another child is abducted, Mulder can't stop himself from getting involved, and finds himself on the trail of a serial killer.



Robot Revolution - JF

James Patterson

Robots on strike! Sammy's underappreciated mechanical helpers cause chaos in the house! It's up to Sammy and his disabled sister Maddie to keep the peace until his inventor mom reveals her secret project ... and why it was worth the wait.


Come Back to Me - YA

Mila Gray

A young Marine and his best friend's sister plunge into a forbidden love affair while he's home on leave.






Traffick - YA

Ellen Hopkins

Five teenagers struggle to find their way out of prostitution.



Secret Origins - JF

James Riley

Aided by old friends and new, Owen and Bethany try to bring the light back to Jupiter City, a comic book world where they discover a link between the Dark and Bethany's father.





Nightmares!: The Lost Lullaby - JF

Jason Segel

Twelve-year-old Charlie and his friends are in new danger as a visitor from the Netherworld is in Cypress Creek and is intent upon connecting the two worlds. It is up to them to stop that from happening or risk losing all that they've ever known.


Wires & Nerve. Vol 1 - YA (Graphic)

Marissa Meyer

When rogue packs of wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the tenuous alliance between Earth and Luna, android Iko joins up with a handsome royal guard to hunt down the rogue leader.





American Girl Baking - JNF


Forty charming and creative recipes, this book will give you all the inspiration and guidance you need to bake, decorate, and share yummy homemade treats with your friends and family.


Romeo and What's Her Name - YA

Shani Petroff

An unprepared understudy is forced to take the stage with her secret crush in this romantic comedy of errors


I Am George Washington - JNF

Brad Meltzer

George Washington was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. He was never afraid to be the first to try something, from exploring the woods around his childhood home to founding a brand new nation, the United States of America. With his faith in the American people and tremendous bravery, he helped win the Revolutionary War and became the country’s first president.