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News for Kids...

Plan ahead for school holidays and check out books, audiobooks or DVDs to keep busy. Great books for 5th - 8th graders can be found both in the Junior Reader Section and the Teen Area. Check out the Teen Area at our new location; tucked in the corner with diner booths and a bit of privacy.

Upcoming Events

  • Explorers Science Club Spring Session begins Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 4-5pm. This program for 3rd through 5th Graders is held every Tuesday from Feb 21 to March 14 . Please register at (217) 762-4676 or info@monticellolibrary.org.

Contact Cara at the library (217) 762-4676 or info@monticellolibrary.org with questions or to register for an event.

Other Fun Stuff

  • The Stacks


  • Fall 2014 Special FX/Zombie Makeup Workshop